wireless charging phone holder




Connector Type: Type C
Working Frequency: 110-205KHz
Usage: Car wireless charger
Standard: Qi 1.2.4

Now, wireless charging seems like a future that is closer than we thought – and sooner or later, wireless charging will be all around us. The clamping arm attaches your phone holder securely(with two points)to the windscreen or dashboard in seconds whilst carefully aligning with windowsills avoiding any obstructions thanks to its smooth telescoping arms. For phones without Qi function, simply attach this magnetic to wireless phone holder ensures seamless contact&charging without worrying about missing connections due to an unstable cradle running off charge fast.

“Wireless charging car mount: Find out how to wirelessly charge your phone on the go with this quality, easy-to-use mount. It clips firmly and securely to a vent or windshield so you can enjoy hands-free driving. Introducing the awesome new IOTTIE Auto Sense Wireless Fast Charge Phone Holder. No cords, no cables – just charge your phone with any Qi-enabled charger! Not only that, but this awesome device also has a telescoping arm to rotate your phone into view for better use of features like navigation or Bluetooth audio controls.